Episode 17

Once again Crystal joins me in the co-host seat this week.  We talk about my in-laws and their new furniture, Rylan and his pee-peeing big wheel, and people who let their newborns scream at Wal-mart!

Episode 16 of Daddy Digest the Podcast

Hey everyone! Not to toot my own horn or anything but, this may have been the best episode yet. I had so much fun during this episode because I was lucky enough to have my wife as a co-host this week. You find her site over at www.simplybeingmommy.com. In this episode we covered….ALOT! Send me feedback and don’t forget the iTunes reviews people!

Episode 15

OMG!  Another episode on schedule.  Got a giveaway going on listen for details!

Episode 14 of Daddy Digest The Podcast

Sup people?!  Back again this week with another entry to the digest.  I share my thoughts on my family, American Idol, and Twilight.  Feel free to leave me comments on the site, or on iTunes.  You can also follow me on Twitter here.

Episode 13

That’s right everyone….everything is fixed!  No problems what-so-ever with the site or the Podcast.  Tell you what…you listen to the Podcast and we can celebrate together!  How ’bout that?

Enjoy everyone,

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