Forehead Snooze Button

Is there some rulebook that kids have that I don’t know about?  I s there a rule that says the only day that Mommy and Daddy could sleep late, you must wake up early and not even attempt at going back to sleep?  I didn’t get this “rulebook” when I was a youngin’.  I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn and then insist on eating or peeing the very second I woke up.  NO, I was a good boy.  I got up, went to the living room, turned on the TV, made sure that the volume was low, and proceeded to watch Saturday morning cartoons and didn’t bother my parental units until they bothered me!  That’s another thing……what the heck happened to quality cartoons on regular local network stations?  Anyways, now all my kids want to do is wake up and then wake the other siblings up just to start the day and cause havoc!  Maybe once computers start running everything and Skynet has started up (tee-hee), we should install a sleep button to all children’s foreheads.  Couldn’t you just see that “Daddy, I’m hungry—{{{push the child snooze button}}}—and  BOOM! Your child drops to the floor for any amount of time that you set over at (not a real site, but thought about buying it though) and lets you get some more of that rest/sleep that you deserve.

The Reason Kids Should Clean Their Rooms

You know….growing up, the biggest thing that my parents tried to drive into my skull was that cleaning your room should be a pretty high priority in your adolescent life.  I often wondered as a child why I always had to keep my room clean or make sure that it was always picked up and ready for inspection after I got done.   I don’t think I ever figured it out.  I guess I just thought it had something to do with responsibility!

When Crystal and I got married and we were talking about us being parents and the rules that we would set forth and uphold, we agreed on most, but one stood out among the rest.  Like I said,  I was taught that a child’s room should be kept clean and organized.  She, on the other hand, thought that is their room and they should be responsible for it and can do whatever they want!  If they want to live in a crap-hole….fine

Taylor's Room

Taylor's Room

We now know why …….the REAL reason why you should always make sure that your child’s room is cleaned up.  Not just because it teaches them organizational skills, not because it gives them a since of responsibility….no…. It’s for when they get sick and throw up all over the floor! If they maintain their room the floor will be clean, spotless and free of toys, books, blankets, and clothes for when they decide to redecorate the room with their sick! You will not have to wash Barbie’s hair out or wipe every intricate part of a toy light-saber.  You know and they know that a whole lot of time and toys will be saved by them cleaning their room.


Yep, I Deleted It!

No entry….I just deleted the whole thing that I have been working on for 3 days!  Not happy…..going to leave and find something to break.  I am not starting over,  I am not going to finsh all of my thoughts, I am not going to keep going on and on in this post, I do not like green eggs and ham!  (Exhales deeply like Vader)  Hhhuuuuuuhhh! Well, in that case I might as well go!


Episode 12 The Most Annoying Toys

Hey guys!  Well, here it is Episode 12.  In this episode we talk about site changes, new friends, new websites, and the tp 5 most annoying toys ever in my home….so far!


Simply Being Mommy

Confessions of a Moody Mommy

Listener Ryan’s Favorite Toy!


Finally out of the bathroom….

New walls

New walls

Now I know what everyone is thinking, “finally out of the bathroom? What’s he doing In there? Awww Ryan what’s up with the potty talk?”. Well, actually I am referring to my endeavors of being a carpenter or as some would say a “handy-man”. The past two weekends I had my parents come out so that my dad and I could spruce up our bathroom. There was some nasty yellow wallpaper that was done by the previous owners that must have been hung by a child or maybe a teen for some school project or something. Anyways, I think the new stuff looks amazing! Totally different look in a place that really needed some help. I really was thinking of opening up a business at one time, that specializes in coming into an area that is mainly used, worked in, or occupied by a male that wants to re-do an area, but doesn’t want to have antlers hanging everywhere, fish on the wall, or sports junk everywhere. Just give great practical looks to an area that men usually dwell in and make it appealing for them, and others that have to live in and around it. Especially when dudes are going to be dealing with the ladies coming over. Say you are in your early 20’s, and you are a guy, fresh out of school, college, military, prison….whatever, and you have a date or something, and the chick is coming to your house before to meet up with you there. Well, you don’t want her walking in and seeing your entire original Star Wars action figure collection thumb-tacked to the wall next to your Jessica Alba posters or her walking in and seeing half a dozen dead  animals peering back her and hearing stories on how you killed each one and “hauled it off in yer pick-up truck”! I think guys should have an interesting living space created for them, by them, but just have some boundaries and some ideas on what style looks like. If I ever do it I was thinking of calling “Home Manteriors” eh? ehh? Like it? Would you watch it on HGTV?