Easter Goodness

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to tell all of you that I hope you all have a wonderful Easter today!  Try not to eat too much of the stuff that you shouldn’t be eating anyway.  I have a little addiction to those malted Easter eggs….can’t wait for them to disappear from the stores.  Also, don’t rip off your kids by raiding their Easter baskets….you know you do…what?  You never have?  OK…that’s fine…that’s fine.


A new episode  of the Podcast should be dropping this evening, if not early Monday morning.  In the newest episode I cover the most annoying toys in and around my house.  I also included emails containing the listeners most annoying toys. While I am writing this Peyton is sitting on my lap playing with all of the most annoying toys that I talked about in that episode…uunngghh.  Make it stop.  Trash day is when?  Wednesday?



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