Here is the winner of the VSP giveaway!



An email has went out to the winner and she has 24 hours to respond. Thank you to all who entered!


Hey y’all! It’s time to reaveal the winner for the Cash Cab giveaway!

The winner is…….

#75 John Stets!

Thanks to all that entered and as for the winner you have 24 hours to reply back to me with your deets!


The Doctor Smith’s Giveaway has ended and the winners are….

Grand Prize:

#46 John Billiris!

Two runner-ups!

#12 Mami2jcn

#30 Elena

Thank you to all that entered! Winners have 24 hours to respond or I pick again!


The 3 Stooges Giveaway has ended and thou winner is….

#71 Cheri!

Thanks to all that entered and the winner has 24 hours to claim their stuff or I pick again!

Best Buy Gift Card Winners!

Here are a ton of winners for the Best Buy Gift Cards!

352 Jennifer, 131 crystle tellerday, 436 Jennifer Rote, 617 Sarah L, 167 Richard Morris, 365 Don D, 653 Donna K, 581 Melanie, 351  Brittany!

Thanks to all that entered and congrats to those that won!

Winners Smörgåsbord

THREE giveways have ended.  I have some pretty sweet prizes for some lucky people and here we go!

Here are the two winners for the Quiznos giveaway.

#57 Cindy D and #63 Lori Hart!

The next bunch is for the Orville Redenbacher giveaway. The 25 winners of the samples were chosen at random but I don’t have a full weekend to post screenshots so you are going to have to deal with it. 🙂

The winner of the Grand Prize is….

#232 Joanne Major!

Finally, the winner of the Pampers giveaway and a new iPod Touch is….

#91 Lynda E!


The Olive Garden Endless Pasta $25 gift card giveaway has ended and your winner is…….


Even though she likes salad and not soup like me I guess I’ll let it slide.


Two giveaways have ended and I guess that means I should pick some winners.

The winner of The Help giveaway is……..

#73 Heather Stamper!

The winner of the Dr. Smith’s gift basket isssssssss…….

#6 Katie Klein

Thanks to all that entered! The winners have 24 hours to respond.

Conan Winner

The Conan giveaway has ended and the winner is…

#32 Kathy Pease!

The winner has 24 hours to get with me before Conan beheads me.  Thanks to all that entered!


The Jockey Staycool giveaway has ended and the winner is….

#29 Jeremy! His tweet won him some undies!

The winner has 24 hours to respond! Thanks to all that entered.

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