“Did She Just Put Her Finger In My Queso?”

Hello, hello, hello everyone!  Wow what an amazing weekend!   We had a Juicy Juice party on Saturday even though it rained and I was amazed on how cool it was and how much fun the kids had!  They colored and played with sidewalk chalk, played with bubbles, played out in the rain until it thundered and then they all came running back!  I was happy to say that we met some great parents of the children that came and really didn’t mind them using my toilet…….ok…well….onward!  The whole highlight of the day didn’t strike me until I was doing some clean-up of the little get-together and was washing one of the bowls that some chips were in and I moved the sponge around the edge and,….what did I find?  Someone had stuck their chewing gum on the underside of the rim  and left it there!  Ha!  I was cracking up!   It must have been one of the kids,  I guess.  My question is how did that child learn to put that there or that it was even okay to do that?  Dunno…I just…..dunno.

Sunday after church we went to a new Mexican restaurant that has been under construction for the last two years.  I had heard some people talking before about going there and I just hadn’t had the desire to go yet.  But, it was lunchtime and we were already desperate to find something to eat so we agreed to go with some friends and the Pastor and his wife.  So we get in the restaurant, seated, asked for our drinks, and salsa layed in front of us.  (Here we go…ya ready?)  First off the salsa was so incredibly hot that I think it seared  my mouth with the sheer heat of a volcano.  Then the crappy bendy straw I was given was broke.  Crystal felt bad because I had stopped partaking in the execution of my taste buds with the others, so she ordered me some chile con queso.  It came out 10 minutes later and I looked at it and thought “well that looks kinda plain”.  So I then proceeded to put a little regular black pepper in it just to give it some taste I thought, even though I had no idea what it tasted like yet. So I then grabbed a chip, dipped, and stuffed it into my mouth.  At that moment in time I knew that the single purpose of this queso was to extinguish the fire that was created by the salsa because this queso my friends….. was frigid!

I told Crystal while chewing “Mmrrph…you grotta trryy thris”  she complied, as the chip sailed towards her ( I had to suppress a snicker) I new she was gonna be upset too! She said “why the crap is it cold” and i said “dunno”.  I asked the waitress to come over shortly after to show her my pool of  icy cheese and she apologized and then said that she would “fix it” and in my mind that means to put it in the microwave.  So she turned and headed towards the kitchen and I guess didn’t believe me so she tested it herself.  The lady stuck her finger in my queso, then applied a small amount of the cheese product to her tongue………..I know.  I then asked my wife “did she just put her finger in my queso?”  Five minutes later she brought back my queso in the same bowl with the same black pepper in it…..fresh from being heated up in a microwave!  I then did not know what to with it.

After finishing up the queso she brought me…..WHAT?….WHAT?…it was fine…we blessed our food, it made it okay! It was entree time.  Needless to say, I think they only heated the outside of my plate and brought it to me.  Crazy thing was, everyone else’s at the table was also cold!  Nobody even said anything until I started asking “is yours cold?”  Everyone said yes and nobody was going to say anything!  So, me being me, I called her back over (after all of the interaction me and this lady had, we were on a first name basis) and I complained again!  This really was ridiculous.  So I told them to take it off and I wasn’t gonna pay for it.  The lady came about this close (..[——–]..) from getting an attitude with me but I think she was afraid i would have pelted her in the face with a bowl of salsa burning her face off in the process!

So all in all it was a pretty good weekend, I mean after we left there I got to go by Taco Bell and I got some real hot Mexican food!  Until next time everyone.




4 Responses to ““Did She Just Put Her Finger In My Queso?””

      Angela McCoy on April 21st, 2009 8:50 am

      Wow! What an experience! I would have demanded my money back, too, along with calling the Department of Health and the local newspaper for a warranted food safety inspection and critic’s review.

      Restaurants have certain codes to go by concerning the spread of germs and temperatures of foods served, so maybe this would open their eyes to problematic behavior, especially when business declines.

      I’m sorry you and your family had to experience this, but it’s encouraging to know that (in hindsight) you can all look back on this and have a good laugh.

      Mocha Dad on April 21st, 2009 9:53 am

      I will make sure to not visit this restaurant.

      Mr. Man on April 21st, 2009 5:52 pm

      Ryan-She stuck her finger in your queso.I laughed when I first read that, but then I thought about it… Who knows where her hands have been? That whole meal should have been comped.

      neljo mullins on March 25th, 2010 12:03 am

      I cannot believe she stuck her finger in your food then served it to you!!! you are better than me i could not have eat that.. i would have sent it back!!

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