The Reason Kids Should Clean Their Rooms

You know….growing up, the biggest thing that my parents tried to drive into my skull was that cleaning your room should be a pretty high priority in your adolescent life.  I often wondered as a child why I always had to keep my room clean or make sure that it was always picked up and ready for inspection after I got done.   I don’t think I ever figured it out.  I guess I just thought it had something to do with responsibility!

When Crystal and I got married and we were talking about us being parents and the rules that we would set forth and uphold, we agreed on most, but one stood out among the rest.  Like I said,  I was taught that a child’s room should be kept clean and organized.  She, on the other hand, thought that is their room and they should be responsible for it and can do whatever they want!  If they want to live in a crap-hole….fine

Taylor's Room

Taylor's Room

We now know why …….the REAL reason why you should always make sure that your child’s room is cleaned up.  Not just because it teaches them organizational skills, not because it gives them a since of responsibility….no…. It’s for when they get sick and throw up all over the floor! If they maintain their room the floor will be clean, spotless and free of toys, books, blankets, and clothes for when they decide to redecorate the room with their sick! You will not have to wash Barbie’s hair out or wipe every intricate part of a toy light-saber.  You know and they know that a whole lot of time and toys will be saved by them cleaning their room.



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      Irene on April 28th, 2009 7:42 pm

      That is exactly what happened to us last week! How funny (not really, but sort of…)–hope you got Barbie’s hair all clean!

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