Diabetes Ya’ll

Now that the holidays are over I think that I may need to be asking some diabetes questions. I’m serious guys. I have eaten so many cookies over the last few months that I think that my blood sugar level is dangerously high. I have cut back down though and I have not gained hardly anything at all. I was worried though at the time and had some serious diabetes questions because I thought I was gorging myself to death literally.

In other diabetes news, what about Paula Deen?  I know she is taking a great deal of heat over the fact that she came out and said that she has type 2 diabetes and claimed that she has known for some good time now.  I really don’t see a huge issue with it.  I know she sort of cooks a bit unhealty but I don’t think it is really an issue.  If she maintains her levels and lives a healthy life then why not?  It would be like me with my ADD.  Even though I take medication to help keep me focused, should I not help myself organized and maybe spread my intense focus to help others with tasks?

I know that I am probably a bit off task here but I just think we should maybe let Paula do her thing the best way she can and probably the only way she knows how.  Besides my stock in butter has never been better.  See Y’ALL!



One Response to “Diabetes Ya’ll”

      Peter Franz on March 25th, 2012 4:52 pm

      Am I at risk? I have the metabolism of a race horse but haven’t been exercising as much as I would like now that the little one is arround but my apetite is the same voracious pace it was before. Thoughts?

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