Laughing in Church

How could I be upset with my son for sneezing? He did as he was taught and covered his mouth and nose when it happened. Is it his fault the mucus build up in his head released all at once? The scene couldn’t have been done better by Nickelodeon. His first expression was one of shock and mimicked my wife’s expression pretty well. Then he turned to me… I’m sorry, maybe it’s just a guy thing, but it was pretty funny. For once, mom’s stern “behave yourself or else” look was turned at me and not at our son. We sent him to the bathroom to wash the slime from his hand and face and to also bring back wet paper towels to clean the church pew. My son looked at me as he returned and broke into a smile because… well I was still having difficulty controlling my laughter. I’m sorry, but it was really funny… It’s not every day that you see projectile mucus from a sneeze. The way it hit his cupped hand and ricocheted was a once in a lifetime shot.

So there he was sitting between my wife and myself not knowing which parent’s example to follow, mom or dad. Of course, he started following my example. Well before he could get into serious trouble, we sent him down to help with the little children. That left me in the pew next to my wife. Whenever the thought crossed my mind, I’d smile, and she’d squeeze my hand painfully to remind me to behave. Well I made it through church without laughing out loud, but my son and I laughed the entire ride home.



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      JR Reed on September 24th, 2012 10:45 am

      I’ve laughed in church a few times. At some point it becomes kind of like second nature.

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