Just a Little Respect


My wife described something that happened the other evening, to me. My father-in-law had asked one of his grandchildren to do something for him. The grandson responded with “bite me.” Now, my brother-in-law and his wife were sitting there, but didn’t say anything. Evidently, they saw no problem with their son saying that to his grandfather. (They did say something to their son, later.) My wife Sue told my mother-in-law that if I had been there I would have corrected my nephew on the spot, even with his parents there. I had to stop and think about that and Sue was partly right, (don’t tell her I only said partly.) I would have said something, but it would have been directed towards my brother-in-law.

A child not showing respect is a pet peeve of mine. I will not let my kids disrespect my wife, or our parents in any way. When they do, (It does happen because they’re teenagers.) I correct them and they will apologize for being disrespectful. They know if they cross that line, I will put them back behind it. Being funny is one thing, being disrespectful is another, and its my job as their dad to teach them the difference.

Sue later asked A (my son) if he heard the comment, but he said no. She then asked what would have happened if he had said it. He just smiled and said, “I would have been thrown through a window.” (Always the comedian, but respectful.)

Respect goes a long way in a marriage.



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      Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy.com on June 6th, 2013 9:24 pm

      It seems now-a-days that children aren’t taught respect like I was when I was growing up. If I would have talked like that to any adult, I would have been reprimanded in public and made to apologize. And then I would have been grounded for months.

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