The Gift of Sleep

There’s just something about brand new parents. I love seeing and hearing about them starting down the long, never-ending road of parenting. From the pregnancy adventures to stories of the patience-testing toddler years, so many smiles are had during these times.

But there is one time in particular that I really dig.

The excitement as new parents experience things for the first time that they have only read about and heard second hand from other parents.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. All that is great but what I REALLY love hearing about is all of the horrible, messy, stinky, aggravating, and overall sucky things that happen to parents. The sheer terror in never knowing if your going to get just a burp or a full fledged Exorcist re-enactment. The dread of diaper changing as you hear the flatulent explosion that happens inside that bundle of previously unblemished diaper. The bewilderment of how all of a sudden your little blessing’s poop went from mustard consistency to looking like a cross between a melted Milky Way bar and beef stroganoff. And worst of all, the agonizing thought of if you will ever be able to catch up on sleep again.

Sleep during this time is rough for a parents. As parents, we need our sleep to be able to function to the fullest for our families. I had the opportunity to help out a new family with the gift of sleep because of my partnership with Pampers.

pampers gift of sleep

Hopefully, after all of this “Pamper-ing“, these new parents can get some sleep and rest up, because they are gonna need it with all of the diapers they are going to change.


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