Episode 36 of Daddy Digest the Podcast

Hey everyone! Another show coming back at you with Crystal along for the ride!

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One Response to “Episode 36 of Daddy Digest the Podcast”

      sarah on January 17th, 2011 6:06 am

      Hi Guys:

      Germany yes we are bringing all our stuff with us thanks to uncle sam paying for it. We are loving Germany if you want to get away our door is always open.

      Moving Tips

      One room at time, Toss junk, lable boxes clearly. If you have a dicks sporting goods go to their cardboard dumpster.they will send you there. Dont pay for boxes. Many stores will give them to you.

      Moving is just a great time for purging. I know for us we just collect a bunch of unneeded stuff. We were given a 10,000 pound limit for shipping overseas. We came in at half. It was just from purging the stuff we didnt need. We downsized the kids toys and only took what they play with and one tote of toys to cycle them out so they dont have them all at once.

      We also go rid of clothes they had outgrown or didnt wear. Same for us. We got rid of the old bath towels and face cloths that just sit on the shelf since we had purchased new. cleared out the junk drawers and cabinet got that down to a shoe box size.

      I know for us a big help in not just throwing everything in a box was that we had a sitter and we were able to concentrate on what was task at hand. Maybe a grandparent would be willing to take the kids overnight for you. We didnt have mom or dad we need this or we are hungry or any of the other complaints and needs a child has.

      Best thing we did was get bubble wrap at the dollar store we wrapped dishes and other imporant breakables in it. As we unpacked gave it to the kids to play with. Kept them out of our way. We stayed away from newspaper as it was more cleaning that we had to do from print rubbing off on the glass.

      Great show and glad your back

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