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I have always loved reading. Not really diving into several thousand page novels but sitting down and reading short stories, comic strips in newspapers, or one of my favorite…comic books. I used to be an avid collector of the things. Not really a collector to buy and resale for outlandish prices but more of a collector to save and revisit later on for the stories that I really liked and enjoyed. I have started to introduce comics to my kiddos as a way to get them to be more interested in reading. Taylor has recently gotten a kick out of reading some of the Captain Underpants books that are pretty much a longer story set in comic form. Rylan has to have some time devoted to hearing one of us read a story aloud to him as a part to his Kindergarten homework everyday.  As for Peyton, he is going to have to start reading one day.

My comic collection has dwindled down to only four long boxes filled with books. That still is a fairly good amount of books putting my collection at around 850 books. They do still take up some space but two are in the attic and the other two are in the back of my closet. It is a pain to have to go a pull a box out and then search through a couple hundred just to get out one or two books to read daily. Thank goodness for the digital age and gadgets that take advantage of it. These days what I have been doing is taking a digital copy of a comic book and then throw them onto the iPad. It makes it a whole heckuva lot easier to just move individual issues to it or even combine pdf files to have a larger story or even a complete run of a series.

I also like that I can go and scan some of the old issues that are a bit brittle and not for little hands and then put those on my computer. After that I just move them into a pdf converter and viola! It just really feels cool that the very same comics that I grew up reading and enjoying are now here for my kids.  I do like to keep the fun in comic reading though as every once in awhile I still go by the comic shop and bring some copies home for them or even letting them pick out a book off of the rack at Toy’s R’ Us since they do actually still carry copies these days.  I do, however, still find them torn up all over the floor in their room the next day!



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      Joe on September 18th, 2011 1:37 pm

      Having an electronic copy is definitely cool. I have the marvel app for my iPad, which sort of takes me back to the old days when I had the time for comics – my 4 year old isn’t into it just yet – but somehow, it’s just not the same as the magazine copy.

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