Custom Ringtone Crisis

I quit my iPhone about two months ago and I have been doing really well. I don’t miss it much since I have moved on to my HTC. I got an HTC Surround from BlogHer in August and I opened and set it up as soon as I could. It runs Windows Mobile 7 and when I first got it going I thought it was rad. Super fast, streamlined, and elegant the OS delivers a very powerful phone. It has a great camera in it but I really missed having a photo editor like Instagram to instantly change the photos that I took. I have found something that does the exact same thing as Instagram and also shares through all of my social networks like I need it too. It also has some amazing editing tools built in to it that can crop and adjust to cut unwanted or ugly people in the background of your photos. It’s no Adobe or Paint Shop but it is great for a mobile program.

Crystal also got the same phone that I did and she refused to hook hers up until about two months later when finally she could not take the crawling speed of her old iPhone. The reason she waited so long to switch over was a simple reason…Windows Mobile 7 did not support custom ringtones. I know right?!?! A cell phone that does not integrate custom ringtones in this day and age? I liked the phone well enough that it did matter to me that it did not have that function.

Windows has since released a brand new update for our phones and I updated mine this past week. The update added over 500 new features. Crystal was excited that they finally announced custom ringtones and was now really liking the phone. Like I said though, I updated mine, she did not get the update notification. Windows is slowly rolling out the update to select customers in select markets and I happened to be one and she was not.

She got excited though when news broke about the new iPhone coming in two weeks. She said she was excited that she got to dump the Windows phone in favor of the new iPhone 5. I explained to her that it was not the iPhone 5 but just a hopped up iPhone 4 with a better camera. She was then mad yet again and went back to liking her Windows phone…for now!


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