Wedding Band Woes

For the longest time I thought I had a problem.  Not a drinking problem or a gambling problem, but a problem losing something very important over and over.  My wedding ring has had a history of not wanting to stick around much.  I have currently been the owner of three wedding bands and it’s not because I have walked down the aisle three times.

Right before Crystal and I got married over nine years ago I had a difficult task of figuring out what type of ring I wanted.  I knew that I did not want a plain old yellow gold band.  I really checked out a good bit of men’s platinum, men’s white gold, and men’s tungsten rings.  I knew that platinum would be silly for me to get because it would have been a bit out of my price range (I had already spent enough on her platinum set).  I purchased an amazing wedding ring that was white gold and had a few diamond baguettes in it.

Needless to say, five years later I stuck my wedding band in my back pocket one afternoon before painting my daughters room purple (as to not get paint on it) and realized that the pocket had a hole in it hours later.

A year after that I picked up another $50 band at a department store and left it in a bathroom somewhere while washing and drying my hands.  I just HAD to make sure that there were no germs hiding under that ring!

The latest one was  just some super cheap band that I picked up at some store in my daily travels.  I think that the kids actually picked it up and then it disappeared into the void.  I’m sure I will find it on an action figure one day as the boys probably used it as a royal crown for someone.

I have made a promise to myself that I will go at this one more time and I vow to not lose this one.  I have been going over some options and found some really great rings that are made of tungsten.  Men’s Tungsten Online has a really sweet selection of rings.  I just wish that they would have an accidental idiotic husband loss insurance.





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      julie cutshaw on November 10th, 2011 12:02 pm

      My husband has that same issue 🙁 ughh, after what will be 35 yrs of marriage come this summer, he has lost the one band I worked so hard to get him the first year of our marriage, he lost it 3 times but we always found it in still good condition, but this last time “like you” he takes it off to keep from getting his hand caught in the power tools he works with daily and it got crushed by a big backhoes tires and looks like a mangled zig zag item, so finally no ring to wear and whats odd is I wanted to take it and have it melted down and made into another one or something and he says no , its important to me to keep it as is and another ring would not mean the same as the one given all those years ago. So I give up LOL

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