Bye Bye Phone

Well after four months of being a Windows Mobile user on a HTC Surround I had to say no more. I said goodbye to my Apple iPhone at the end of August due to how slow the phone had gotten. It was several years old and I do not think that the plain old iPhone 3G could handle the software load and updates that it had taken on over the years.

I really did love the speed of the HTC phone and the handset boasted some very powerful specs. It was the availability of apps and features that ultimately did it in for me. When I first got the phone custom ringtones weren’t even an option. How does this happen in the age of phones today? My Nokia 3130 from 1999 at least did that. After four months of the Windows Mobile phone coming up short it was time to return to an IOS device.

The main thing that I was wanting to talk about is not the phones themselves but the Apple store itself. What is wrong with this place? As soon as you walk in the place you feel the cold distant feeling that overcomes you as you enter the sparse environment. Underneath the vast array of visible and hidden security cameras the employees are sure to be laughing at the customers walking in with confusion in tow.

I guess it just comes down to me feeling weird when I am in the Apple store. I have to check in as soon as I get there (like being seated at a table in a restaurant) and then wait for another person to actually talk to me. Also, the alarm systems hooked up to the devices are so touchy that I cringe with fear when near and refuse to touch them at all.

When we entered the store there was a special roped off section with some bearded young dude handing out white cards that had different iPhone and different specs on each card. You collected the card of the model you wanted and then proceeded to the roped off section to claim your electronic fruit. It was just weird and made me feel uncomfortable with the whole experience.

I did walk away with a sweet new iPhone 4S though so I guess it was worth all of the trouble and tasks you have to go through to get one. Kind of like letting your kids play outside and them getting dirty. Even if you have to clean them all up it is worth trouble if the reward of them going to sleep a little early is there.




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      Lorie Shewbridge on December 18th, 2011 2:13 pm

      I’m happy you finally got your iPhone, I know how unhappy you were with your other phone. Now me and Crystal can Facetime! Make sure I get your new number… WooHoo!

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